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What would a company with employees be withoutmeticulous and timely human resources?

Probably a bait for ZUS.

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Our success stories:

We proved 78 thousand zlotys overpayment in ZUS

We have compiled and archived 11,000 pages of documents

Your employees deserve a reliable HR service, that will make..


In time you will receive all the necessary documents needed to hire a new employee.


You will get help in controlling the dates of expiring contracts, the validity of safety training and periodic examinations.


You won't have to worry about monthly declarations - we'll do everything for you.


You will get the space to ask the questions that are bothering you.

Comprehensive personnel and payroll services for your company

What is included

  • maintaining records and making records of individual personnel documents, including:

    • an electronic database of personnel events,

    • database in the Płatnik program,

    • employee database with their necessary data,

    generation of payrolls and bills, based on data provided by the client,

    calculation of labor wages,

    storing an electronic version of the client's billing records and electronic personnel records of records in the personnel program,

    calculation of the client's tax and insurance liabilities,

    preparation of annual information on:

    • earned income,

    • advances collected for personal income tax (PIT-11, PIT-4R),


    • ZUS declarations to the company's owner and employees,

    • PIT-4 returns for the company's owner and employees.

Additional services

  • Arrangement of ZUS arrears in installments.

Your HR and payroll matters in good hands

Our team of experts is ready to help you with HR and payroll management.

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