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What would a company be without responsible and comprehensive accounting services

Certainly a glutton for the IRS.
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Our success stories:

Saved 180 thousand PLN a year in the IT industry

Reduced costs by 46% at IT company

We reduced costs by 30% for IT JDGs

Reduced tax costs by 27% in a property development company

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We will make sure that you pay all contributions and taxes on time.


Your corporate records are protected with software, backup set every few hours and dual passwords.


We know what will work best for your business, so we can advise you on the most beneficial tool and solution.

Power of attorney

We will help you with administrative matters, and in case of inspections - we represent our clients before the authorities.


We operate transparently and in accordance with our clients' principles.


You will receive information with changes in the law, new tax information, provided in simple language.

Comprehensive accounting services for your Business


  • maintenance of accounting records, including:

    • accounting log,

    • a detailed and general income and expense book,

    • records of Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets,

    • purchase and sales records for VAT purposes,

    preparation of the monthly statement of the P&L,

    to make a printout of the annual statement of the P&L,

    calculation of the amount of the client's tax liabilities,

    preparing and sending PIT-4, PIT-5, PIT 36, 36L and 28 declarations

    shipping of Single Control Files - VAT-7.

For the company

  • bookkeeping, including:

    • accounting log,

    • general ledger,

    • subsidiary books,

    • statements of turnover and balances of general ledger accounts and auxiliary ledgers,

  • preparation of mandatory financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes),

  • preparation of a statement of turnover and balances of general ledger accounts,

  • preparation of a log of operations,

  • preparation of a statement of balances of the inventoried group of assets,

  • preparation and mailing of PIT-4, PIT-8 returns,

  • sending monthly Uniform Control Files - VAT-7.

Additional services

  • establishment of the company,

  • preparation and submission of an application to amend the company's entry in the KRS,

  • preparation and submission of an application for entry in the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries,

  • VAT registration,

  • obtaining an EORI number,

  • NIP-8 filing,

  • preparing an application and contacting the office for a liquor license,

  • verification of previous accounting,

  • preparation and submission of financial statements,

  • preparation of PIT 37, 38, 39 for individuals.

Entrust us with your accounting

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Frequently asked questions

  • Accounting services at Tax&Money consist in keeping accounting records, i.e. accounting for financial transactions in the client's company. We prepare all necessary documents and tax cost.

  • Yes, the amount of the use of accounting services can be charged as an expense.

  • Our offer is tailored individually, depending on the type of company or business, as well as the number of invoices to be posted per month.